The Global Coordinators

Meet the SFYN Academy Coordinators

Our team of local SFYN Academy alumni and experts unites a multitude of experience in diverse fields like Gastronomy, Transition Theory, Design Thinking, Communication, Environmental Science, Community Management, Food Management, Social Sciences, team building techniques and food activism. Together we co-create the first edition of the Online Global Academy, motivated by a common vision for the future of food: Good, Clean and Fair for all!

As Gastronome and a young entrepreneur, Andrea always worked in groups, developing a solid knowledge in team building exercises and compassionate communication. He is the lead fundraiser for the Italian and Brazilian Academies.

“We can think about World Peace once we fed every single person on earth. We will change the food system through education, that’s why I joined the Global Academy team!”

Andrea Bolognin

As a creative and dedicated project manager, Arjanne believes in connecting different ideas and people from all kinds of angles to work towards a better future. She participated in the SFYN Academy Netherlands in 2018 and coordinated the Dutch Academy in 2019 and 2020.

“I joined the Global Academy Team because I feel it’s time to cross borders and activate our generation globally to work on a future food systeem. We can achieve that by facilitating knowledge, experience, conversations and tools on all kinds of levels. From North to South and from farmer to scientist and everything that’s in between!”

Arjanne Bode

Elia coordinates the Slow Food Youth Academy in Germany since its beginning in 2017. She studied Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at the University Polytechnic of Valencia and is a PhD candidate at the Marthin Luther University in Halle and investigates on food as a commons discourses. Food is her profession, passion and hobby!

“After the amazing experience of the German Academy, in which we have brought changemakers from all over Germany together to create a better, cleaner and fairer food system I thought: We have to scale this up! “

Elia Carceller

With experience in various areas of communication, Gabriela Bonilha uses her knowledge and skills to promote a sustainable future. She is also the coordinator of the Slow Food youth Network Brazil and the founder of the Brazilian Academy.

“I believe that education and communication are powerful tools, with information and knowledge people can make more conscious choices. Our food choices impact our lives and the planet  in many ways, so, now more than ever we need to use these tools to empower young people, who are willing to change the world through a better, cleaner and fair food chain.”

Gabriela Bonilha

 Marieke participated in the SFYN Academy Netherlands in 2016 and coordinated the Dutch Academy in 2017 and 2018. Ever since, she worked to inspire others with the Academy mindset and model on a global scale. Next to her SFYN-dedication Marieke works as a food transitions-lecturer and trainer.

“We need cross-border minds and connections to address our cross-border challenges. That’s why I joined the Global Academy team. And how much fun is it to work together and join forces with people that differ in so many aspects, but share this drive – and their love for food?”

Marieke Creemers

With a fundamental knowledge of kitchen practice and studies of food management in Germany, India and the United States Paul combines “brain and belly” and is always looking for new viewpoints and angles to tackle the challenges in our current food system.

“Food is life, culture, politics and power. In every place of the world. We are the youth and we need to build platforms of dialog, create visions and write the story of our future. We have to make this world a tastier plate. All together. This is why I joined the Global Academy team.”

Paul Kleebinder