Online program

This is what the online version looks like! During the last edition of Terra Madre we inaugurated a digital space where youth from the six continents virtually gathered to share knowledge around a crucial topic regarding the current and future food system: Proteins. Webinars and workshops combined theoretical and practical knowledge, that our participants could integrate in their professional and personal lives. Take a closer look: 


Food Transitions

Oct. 16 – Lecture: How can you change the food system?  In our first lecture, we dive into transitions theory: the theory of fundamental, systemic change.

Oct. 23 – Training: How can we empower ourselves with food?

Leading change

Nov.6 – Lecture: Who is in charge of the system? Get to know the main players, different organisations and institutions involved in the global protein chain – and explore the alternatives.

Nov. 20 – Training: There is a leader inside of us – how do you nourish your leadership?

Designing the future

Dec. 4 – Lecture: In the third lecture, we listen to different farmers, discuss technology and food sovereignty, and a fundamental question: should we grow feed, or food?

Dec. 18 – Training: How do you design an unknown future?


Jan. 8 – Lecture: From processing plant to artisanal butcher: in the fourth lecture we reflect on both practices with field experts, and discuss cultural and ethical aspects.

Jan. 22 – Training:  In this training, we develop an entrepreneurial mindset – fit for your own cause, work, business or organisation.

Eating change

Feb. 5 – Lecture: Discover how our food choices have an impact on our personal lives and on our society in terms of nutrition, gastronomy, culture and environment.

Fe. 19 – Training:  In this training, we learn different tools to become a powerful speaker – but also a powerful listener.

Serving change

Mar. 5 – Lecture: We harvest the insights of the previous five lectures, discuss our different perspectives and exchange shared values.

Mar. 19 – Training:   How do we keep on learning? How do we stay focused and resilient on our changemaker’s journey?

The Slow Food Youth Network Academy is an official project from Slow Food and Slow Food Youth Network. The Online Global edition is part of Terra Madre Salone del Gusto 2020-2021 and is co-organized by the Brazilian, Dutch, German, Italian and Ugandan Academy coordinators.


The Leading Change lecture is financed by the European Union.  The contents of this lecture are the sole responsibility of the author and the EASME is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information contained therein.